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UK General Insurance is one of the UK’s biggest Managing General Agency (MGA), an MGA is a specialised kind of insurance provider, able to offer non-standard policies which some traditional insurers either choose not to offer or lack the expertise to provide.

UK General wished to launch a flexible online b2c quote-and-buy Travel Insurance product under the brand Benefits Alliance.


I was the lead designer working within a cross-functional team, collaborating between developers and the UK General product team.

  • Wireframes
  • Design Systems
  • Front-end build (Bootstrap framework/HTML/CSS)

Process and challenges

It was imperative there was a consistent and seamless transition from the Benefits Alliance marketing website into the travel insurance datacapture journey. Working with the brands’ design systems I was to design and build the front-end pages using the responsive Bootstrap framework.

I followed an iterative design process which included rapid prototyping of wireframes to illustrate the data capture journey, following a ‘mobile-first’ approach. Front-end build using Bootstrap framework, incorporating the design system.

Design challenges faced included displaying clear error handling throughout the datacapture process, and displaying large amounts of unbiased information to be shown at the quote page, detailing cover levels which had to be clear and visible on all devices. 


We used a tabbed accordion control to clearly display the cover levels within the quotation.  On smaller mobile devices this collapsed to display clickable header which expanded showing linear cover levels. 

Cover could be added and removed automatically recalculating the quote.   This could be displayed more clearly and simply as full width buttons rather than a radio.

This product launched in the UK and traded successfully for 3 years. 

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