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Multi-brand ecommerce website



The Very Group (previously known as Shop Direct) is a multi-brand online retailer, diversifying into financial services, wanted to bring to market a white-label Home Insurance ‘quote and buy’ website for their online brands;

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It was imperative there was a consistent and seamless transition from the marketing website into the home insurance datacapture journey, the pages needed to be fully responsive (62% of their users were browsing on mobile devices), and accessible (WCAG 2.1 AA). Working with the brands’ Design Systems I was to design and build the front-end pages using the responsive Bootstrap framework. 


I was the Lead Designer at an Insurance Software provider, working within a cross-functional team, collaborating between developers and The Very Group UX Team.

  • Wireframes
  • UI/UX design
  • Design Systems
  • Front-end build (Bootstrap framework/HTML/CSS)
very group UI/UX sketches


I followed an iterative design process which included Initial sketches and rapid prototyping of wireframes to illustrate the data capture journey, following a ‘mobile-first’ approach. Front-end build using Bootstrap framework, incorporating each brands Design System.

Task specific user testing was conducted on mobile devices to test prototypes usability, this showed parts of the journey were not as obvious as they should be, so design decisions were challenged and changes were made for clarity of navigation. We ran 2 weeks of design sprints to tie up user test outcomes and incorporated feedback from thorough device testing. 


We shipped a fully functional white-label website branded for 3 individual brands. The insurance website was live for over 12 months and contributed to a financial services 43.6% growth in underlying profit before tax (2014-2015).

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